Alternative to an USB Monitor

USB displays are a new way to increase your desktop real estate.

However, did you know that you actually don't need to buy expensive new hardware as there is a smart new way to use your existing gear:

The software-only solution MaxiVista allows you to use your existing Laptop as a second monitor for your main computer:

laptop as a monitor

Multiple monitor support

The Pro Edition of the multi monitor software can link up to four computers as extra displays to create a huge desktop of up to 10,240x1,600 pixels:

4 linked PCs

This version also includes a KVM switch that allows you to remote control all computers from a single mouse and keyboard.

A new purpose for old computers

Do you have a Laptop, Netbook or Tablet PC laying around, gathering dust while you work on your Primary PC?

MaxiVista gives even outdated computers new life and purpose.