User Testimonials

Read what our users say about the current and earlier version of MaxiVista:


Ralph's Portrait

“In 20 years of doing software development and finding tools to help you do your job better, MaxiVista is crowned king. I have found it to be the most useful utility. You should charge more for the product because it is worth it!" - Ralph K.

Nick's Portrait

“I love how you can still use the client computers input devices if you want. This enables me to act as a kind of computer "driving instructor". I don't have to be straining myself in awkward positions to help someone while I hover above them. I just enable the MaxiVista remote control and set my laptop down next to them and away we go." - Nick

Andy's Portrait

“We had an old laptop sitting in the cupboard gathering dust. After 30 seconds on the web, you had given me all the answers I wanted to see & hear. Not a computer whiz by any means, downloading & installing was quick & simple and flying on 2 monitors within minutes. Congratulations on a great product that was simple & easy to install & use." - Andy

Jaime's Portrait

“MaxiVista is just awesome. It is one of those products that comes along once in a while that works right out of the box reliably and unobtrusively - it is a pleasure. Keep up the great work! " - Jaime Behar

David's Portrait

“MaxiVista is an essential and elegant piece of software at a such a fair price. I keep my laptop next to my main computer and it has always been a hassle to switch between the two while I work at home. Now, I can effortlessly control both computers at once without the need to install expensive hardware. Thank you for improving my quality of life." - Matías Niño

David's Portrait

“I usually don't bother with messages like these but I am impressed. Congratulations on a very well executed innnovative product. Fantastic!” - David, CH Netcom

Peter Backer Portrait

“MaxiVista is so easy and so powerful, I recommend it to everybody with a laptop and a desktop. Thanks and keep up the good work” - Peter Backer, Interimic

Jon G. Peddie Portrait

“MaxiVista is fabulous, and it’s inexpensive.” - Dr. Jon G. Peddie, TechWatch

John Barnett's Portrait

“MaxiVista is safe to use and isn’t power hungry, using only around 2.5% of processing power. This this makes it ideal for use with not only older PCs and laptops but also the latest Tablet PCs.” - John Barnett, Microsoft MVP

M Edmead Portrait

“I usually don't write to the developer of a product, but I had to write to you about MaxiVista. This is by far the coolest, most innovative and useful product I've come across in a long time. Easy to install, easy to use and I had it up and running in just minutes.” - Mark T. Edmead

Graham Robinson

“I consider MaxiVista essential for people with two computers. My desk is clearer and my work gets done quicker than ever.” - Graham Robinson

Brett Burney

“MaxiVista is a great way to use your idle laptop, or even recycle an older laptop back into service. It's refreshing to find an application that does what it says, and does it well. I was extremely pleased with the performance.” - Brett Burney

Tony Northrup

“If you don't have an old laptop lying around, you can buy a used laptop for cheaper than an external monitor would cost. It doesn't need to be fast—even very old hardware will work with MaxiVista.” - Tony Northrup

Steven Smith

“All in all, I've been very happy with Maxivista. It just works. It's fast enough, requires no hardware, almost no setup, and no fiddling with wires.” - Steven Smith, ASP Alliance

Scott Hanselmann Portrait

“Today, I've found a use for my new TabletPC when I'm not using it - drum roll: As a third monitor! Using an application called MaxiVista you run a tiny Viewer on your extra machine (whether it's a Tablet, laptop or another box) and then a Server on the machine you'd like to give another monitor to. Freaking brilliant.” - Scott Hanselman,

“That's right. MaxiVista let's me add my laptop's monitor as a second display adapter on my main machine. How's that for cool?!” - Ryan Farley

“There's obviously a reason for this: It's a very useful and innovative creation that works well. Now you just have to figure out what to do with all of that extra space. I'm sure you'll think of something…” - Brandon Watts

Brajeshwar Portrait

“Couple of months back, I downloaded the demo version of Maxivista and I loved it for many reasons. I like their Low CPU utilization with the program. Another interesting thing was that if you already have a dual Monitor setup, it adds a third display to gain maximum viewing space.” - Brajeshwar

Patrik's Portrait

“If you have an extra laptop or desktop PC lying around, get MaxiVista, plug them into your network and start using multiple monitors today. And if you don’t have an extra laptop, buy a used one. It’s cheaper than buying a monitor and graphics adapter, it’s easy to use, and it’s awesome!” - Patrik Dahlén

Patrik's Portrait

“I am not a believer in love at first site, but MaxiVista has proven me very wrong. After trying it out for only a week, it has become my favorite product I have ever purchased. I cringe when I think about using two mice and two keyboards like I did for so long.” - Brett Juchem

User's computer setups


Seth's Setup

"MaxiVista is amazing and so very simple to use.  I am now able to control all of my environments with a single keyboard and mouse and my quad-monitor setup is the envy of my co-workers!" - Shawn Bankert, Covidien

Seth's Setup

“"I got MaxiVista and was surprised at all the features I received. It has more dual monitor features than if I bought another video card. The Remote control mode even saved me from buying a KVM switch. Since it is so fast, it works great with flight simulator. This program definitely saved me a lot of money, and at the same time, gave me a lot of features. Thanks MaxiVista!" ” - Anonymous

Seth's Setup

“Just a few years ago, you had to buy switches, cords and huge block equipment to get a lessor effect. Today, install MaxiVista and you’re rocking and rolling in about 15 minutes…. Oh and for about $50 too. Its worth it… believe me.” - Seth Eheart

Scott's Setup

“MaxiVista is one of the single most productive software products I've bought in years. MaxiVista is so cool, I wish I had thought of it :-)” - Scott Cadillac

Jonathan's Setup

“MaxiVista is a dream come true. Before I had MaxiVista, I had to move to each computer to use it. Now I can run both computers with one keyboard and mouse. It runs in the background and connects automatically. I'm not sure how they could improve on it. It's just plain awesome!” - Jonathan O'Dell


“Being able to link and extend two dual-screen systems using the new version 2 of MaxiVista has proven to be a very exciting enhancement that makes my work, and my life, a lot more efficient and productive! The speed at which MaxiVista operates over the Gigabit switched network is amazing and it still leaves more than enough bandwidth for all the network intensive applications that are running!” - Stefan Didak, Animagic

Rob's Setup

“For flight simulators users, it ispriceless. I cant believe I haven't found it sooner. For what it does…. its so good, its too cheap. And is the first time I've said that about any software.” - Jim

Rob's Setup

“Thanks for the awesome software! I develop training materials and often pull from 5-10 sources at once and cannot simply switch between windows on one desktop. I had been using two computers each with dual monitors jumping from one keyboard to the other for the last year. With MaxiVista I now have control over five monitors with one keyboard and mouse. What a time saver!” - Randy Maxwell

Doug's Setup

“This software is fantastic. I can't believe it works like this over my network. I've got two extra laptop screens set up and am in the process of firing up an old desktop. I work at home using Visio, Framemaker, Excel, and browsers all at the same time, with multiple docs open in each. I need to be able to reference from one program to another as well as cut and paste, and I didn't want to mess with trying to configure 4 graphics cards.” - Doug Roorda

Patrik's Setup

“MaxiVista v2 still rocks in all the ways I wrote about in my previous entry and now even more. Take this incredible software for a testdrive!” - P. Dahlén

Rob's Setup

“Bought MaxiVista last week after trying it. I am rarely impressed with the usefulness of software. The amount of thought that went into development is amazing. When I need access to the laptop desktop, I just move the laptop mouse & I'm there. Wonderful!” - Robert Wilson

Tommie's Setup

“MaxiVista works just fine with the moving maps of FlightSimulator 2004. Thanks for MaxiVista.” - Tommie Wood

D. Connaghan's Setup

“I'm a website designer with multiple projects always on the go. My need for several screens has been a "Must Have" for many years now. MaxiVista 2 is a dream come true and saved my local environment now that my 2 antiquated laptops will not see the landfill. I was taken by surprise at how fast my laptops work as secondary monitors. Multi-Tasking can not get any easier than this” - Dan Connaghan

Afshin's Setup

“We happened to have a Tablet PC around the office that is only used occasionally, so I thought I'd try out MaxiVista. It is definitely worthwhile if you have an extra machine (like an old laptop) laying around.” - Jeff Peters

Afshin's Setup

“I just wanted to thank you for the awesome application that you guys have written! It's worth every penny that I spent on it. As a developer, I always ran out of screen space with the number of things that I need to have opened, at one time. With your application, I now have one screen dedicated to 2-3 different e-mail screens plus an instant messenger app. On another screen, I have all my database tools and on the main screen, I have my development tool. How cool is that!?” - Afshin Zavareh

David's Setup

“I am truly amazed and impressed with your technology and am interested in getting away from our dual monitor setup here at the studio and switching over to a software based solution like yours” - David Mathieu

Luis' Setup

“I was a little reluctant to believe I was going to get the same performance in both computers, but it is amazing how well this works. The software uses very little resources from both computers and the screen refresh is so good it really feels like a second monitor attached to your graphics card. Installing it was a snap, and it is inexpensive” - Luis del Pozo

Emmanuels Setup

“MaxiVista installs easily and recognizes your network and video card settings, if you don't want to set em up manually. I've hooked the laptops up with a USB-2-USB cable and with about a constant 10Mbps or so between them, you'd alsmot not believe this is a virtual card serving a virtual monitor.” - Emmanuel

Paul's Setup

“I'm a photojournalist that has 'gone digital'. Just like in the 'old dark room' time is of the essence. Maxivista enables me to browse through the images I've made on assignment on my notebook as the secondary display and seamlessy dropping selected pictures into Photoshop running on the primary PC. Maxivista saves me time, money and deskspace. Thanks for developing it.” - Paul Teixeira

Michael's Setup

“When I am home daytime hours, I keep an eye on stocks using 2 streaming softwares simultaneously. MaxiVista allows me to set the second display for the streamers only, while using the primary display for all the rest of things I do, during the online session thus, MaxiVista eliminates the need to flip back and forth between streamer quote software, and the rest of my activities. Of course, it also effectively doubled my screen space.” - Michael Rice

Michael's Setup

“Thanks for the multiple computers handling… I am working on screen no. 5 right now” - Ralf

Mr.Praedel's Setup

“MaxiVista is fabulous. I am using it for MS FlightSimulator 2002 together with flight navigation software on the laptop.” - Mr. Praedel

“MaxiVista Pro, is just what I was looking for. With your product installed, I am able to move different panels from my virtual aircraft to any of the four monitors I want. It works great.

Another advantage is that I am able to run weather and flight watch software on the secondary PC, and with a click of a mouse, can access that software from two of the four monitors.” - M. Wheten

“After a few minutes of playing with the setup you see in the picture at left, I decided I had to have MaxiVista.” - Karl Strieby

“This just HAS TO BE the best money I ever spent on computering. What a fantastic product. I will recommend it to anyone who will listen. And your quick email responses was also most impressive.” - Ronnie Kane

Jim Mader's Setup

“Just wanted to let you know that I\'m very pleased with MaxiVista Pro. Added two extra monitors to Flight Simulator 2004 and it really looks and works great” - J. Mader

“The astonished reactions I get from guests who see the product in action for the first time have been well worth the small price of this software for me.” - Ryan