Technical Support

Instant help:


Please follow these steps to get the most out of MaxiVista:

  1. If using the full version, please check whether you have installed the latest software version
  2. Carefully read the manual. You will not believe how much useful information you will find
  3. The technical FAQ section covers all frequently asked question
  4. Consult the MaxiVista support forum. Please post your question there if you do not find a solution

The support forum is your hot wire to the makers of MaxiVista and replaces ordinary email support.

Why using a support forum?

  • Our developers are spread across different locations. Email forwarding would bear the risk of losing threads.
  • A forum is transparent communication. You can easily verify our support quality.
  • We do not know everything - Enthusiastic users can step in and share their knowledge.
  • Provided solutions can be shared with the user community.

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