Multi Monitor Software

The Pro Edition of the Multi Monitor Software MaxiVista can even link up to four computers to create a giant desktop space of up to 10,240x1,600 pixels:

4 linked PCs

The new desktop real estate allows you to display a word processing software, mail program, media player and instant messenger all at the same time. Or you can also get simultaneous visual access to a massive collection of Photoshop toolbars.

Multi Monitor Support

MaxiVista Pro can work with existing hardware multi monitor setups:

MaxiVista in Dual Monitor setups

MaxiVista Pro can use up to three monitors of the Secondary PC to increase the desktop space of the Primary PC. The Primary PC itself may have an unlimited amount of hardware monitors (more info).

Multi Monitor Video Demo

In this video demonstration you see four PCs linked together by the Multi Monitor Software MaxiVista Professional Edition to create a combined desktop area of a total of four laptops

Program windows can be moved and extended seamlessly across all monitors.