Monitor Mirroring

MaxiVista Mirror Pro can mirror the screen of one PC and send it to another computer across a standard Ethernet or Wireless network connection:

Desktop Mirroring

The screen transmission is amazingly fast even over slow WLAN connections as shown in our demonstration videos.

PowerPoint support

You can run a PowerPoint presentation on your laptop and transmit the slides to another PC:

Wifi projector upgrade

See the PowerPoint demonstration video.

The receiving PC may be connected to a projector displaying the slides to a larger audience while you are able to see the slides and any notes on your computer.



Note: The mirroring feature currently allows you to mirror the primary monitor of one PC to one single monitor of another PC. Distribution of the screen contents to multiple computers is not possible with the current version of MaxiVista.

Hardware acceleration (such as DirectX or OpenGL) needs to be disabled in PowerPoint to MaxiVista.

The demo version does not include the mirroring feature. However, you can evaluate the multi monitor feature. The mirroring feature of the MaxiVista Mirror Pro Edition will have the identical performance.