Use a Laptop as a Second Monitor

MaxiVista allows you to use the monitor of any spare PC as an extended screen for your Primary PC:

laptop as a monitor

Avoid the hassle of task juggling

Spread windows over both displays to avoid swapping back and forth between overlapping program windows. Your productivity will be significantly increased.

MaxiVista is a smart alternative to an USB monitor.

A new purpose for old computers

Do you have a Laptop, Netbook or Tablet PC laying around, gathering dust while you work on your Primary PC? Why not take advantage of that high-quality TFT display and use it as a second monitor for just a fraction of the cost of purchasing a another monitor? MaxiVista gives even outdated computers new life and purpose.

Use a Mac as monitor, too!

You can now also use a Mac MacBook. MacAir or MacPC as a second monitor for your Windows PC.