KVM Software

Control up to four computers with one single mouse and keyboard:

Software KVM


Simply move the mouse cursor to the monitor of the PC you would like to control with the mouse and keyboard of the Primary PC. No manual switching necessary. The keyboard and mouse input is transmitted using an Ethernet, Wireless, Firewire or USB network connection.

Clipboard Sharing

MaxiVista makes exchanging data between computers as easy as 1-2-3:

Copy files, file folders, bitmaps or formatted text to the standard Windows clipboard. MaxiVista automatically transmits the clipboard contents to all connected computers.

No KVM hardware required

There is no extra hardware such as KVM switches or cables required. It even works over Wireless networks. Multiple monitors are also supported.

If you are looking to remote control one main computer from multiple PCs, you might want to check out our other product MultiMouse.

If you are looking for a dedicated Mouse and Keyboard Sharing software solution that is Mac and Windows compatible and supports an unlimited number of compters and monitors, please check out our other software ShareMouse which is specialized in mouse and keyboard sharing.