Use your iPad as a Monitor

MaxiVista turns your iPad into a second monitor for your Windows computer:

Use iPad as a monitor


  • Cost-efficient - MaxiVista can double the desktop space of your Windows PC.
  • Easy to install - There is no extra hardware or extra cable required. MaxiVista is ready to use within a minute.
  • Flexible - MaxiVista is compatible with Windows XP/7 including the new WDDM driver model.
  • Performance - Our established Virtual VGA technology provides a display performance you would never expect from a screen transmission via WiFi.
  • Secure - You can configure MaxiVista to connect to a specific iPad only.
  • Smart - Switch between Portrait and Landscape orientation by just rotating the iPad.
  • Established - We are doing this for more than 7 years on the Windows platform - Check out our user testimonials and setup pictures.

Some great uses for MaxiVista

  • Free up your main monitor and move your utility apps, like Skype, Outlook, Calculator to the iPad monitor.
  • Make Photoshop and Illustrator usable on your Laptop by extending your tool palettes on the iPad display.
  • Programmers can enjoy the extra display area for auxiliary development tools as Terminal window, the Debugger and code snippet libraries.
  • Don't let your iPad gather dust while you work on your Windows computer. MaxiVista gives it a completely new application as an extra display.


You only need any Windows XP/7 PC (Windows Starter Edition is not supported), an iPad and a wireless LAN connection. That's all!

Important: Windows 8 and Windows 7 Starter Edition and Retina iPads are not supported.