How to use a Laptop as a Monitor

Laptops in most cases have a video output that allows you to connect a monitor to the laptop as a monitor.

However, laptops usually don't have a video input which is required to allow you to use a laptop as a second monitor for another PC.

MaxiVista performs a clever trick to turn your laptop into a second monitor: Instead of using a VGA, DVI or DisplayPort video connection, MaxiVista utilizes any standard Wireless LAN, Firewire or Ethernet network connection to transmit the screen contents from your Primary PC to the Secondary PC:

MaxiVista diagram.

MaxiVista installs a virtual video driver onto your primary PC which tricks Windows into thinking that an additional monitor is installed. The picture contents of this virtual video card are compressed and transmitted to the secondary PC via any standard network connection and displayed by a separate MaxiVista viewer program.

In remote control mode, MaxiVista transmits the x/y mouse cursor position, keyboard input and optionally the clipboard contents via the network connection.

High Performance

Our unique Virtual VGA technology guarantees a display performance, that you would have never expected from network screen transmission. Just watch the video demonstration.

The Mirror Pro Edition additonally includes a specialized data compression method for maximized display performance.

No hardware required

No Hardware Required

MaxiVista is entirely software based. No need to buy expensive extras - like displays, video cards, cables or monitor KVM switches.

Quick & Easy Installation

MaxiVista is ready to use within a minute. No need to open your PC to install video cards. MaxiVista works flawlessly with any combination of Desktop-, Laptop- or Tablet PCs.

Low CPU Utilization

Major efforts have been made to minimize the CPU and network load while providing a smooth and fast realtime screen display. MaxiVista intelligently analyzes the display contents and only transfers changing regions between single frames. If the viewer screen content is static, the system load is close to zero.

Windows Display Manager

Windows Multi-Monitor Support

Screen resolutions can be configured up from 320x240 up to 4,800x2,400 pixels including 90, 180 or 270° display rotation and portrait screen resolutions (list of supported screen resolutions).


Safe Operation

The Viewer program is only around 900 KB in size and does not require any installation. You can safely borrow your company's laptop for temporary use as a second monitor without the risk of compromising system security. The full version includes an identification system to allow multiple installations within the same network without interference between the installations.