MaxiVista Multi Monitor Software Download

Ipad users, please download this software for the Windows PC instead!


Please click the red button depending on your operating system (32/64 Bit):

Mac OSX Viewer Program

Limitations of the demo version

The demo version is based on the MaxiVista Pro Edition with following restrictions:

  • The demo version runs for 14 days after first installation or 50 program launches.
  • The Mirroring feature and support of multiple monitors is not included in the demo version. You can get an idea about the Mirroring performance anyway as it is equal to the performance of the extended screen.
  • Only one installation of the demo version is possible in a network group. The full versions allows unlimited amount of installations within a network group.
  • Only one extended screen is supported (The Pro/Mirror Pro Edition support up to 3 monitors or 3 secondary PCs).
  • The demo includes a splash screen and demo background window which is both removed in the full versions.
  • Please test the trial version before making a purchase decision to make sure that MaxiVista performs as expected in your system environment. We want to make sure that you are 100% confident and happy with MaxiVista by offering you a trial version that allows you to evaluate MaxiVista free and without risk. We don't entertain a refund policy.

Download of the full version of the Multi Monitor Software MaxiVista

Existing customers can re-download the full version at any time.